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Using the fruit mash fermentation selected yeast selected number of benefits. Quick- start the fermentation process smoothly and evenly , going down ( spontaneous fermentation often explosive ) without residual sugar . Efficient distillation ( 16.5 to 16.8 g / l of sugar to 1 % by volume of alcohol). Minimum amount of fermentation by-products are formed , clean flavors and aromas develop. The Uvaferm IM and 228 already at 6-7 ° C for starting the fermentation mash ! The fruits are better highlight the kind of features and more desirable fruity fermentation esters form .

Brandy and fruit - selected yeast preparation is recommended :
The Uvaferm Danstil , Uvaferm SC, CGC -62 CM , 228 and Uvaferm PM . The baker's yeast fermentation pálinkacefrék not suitable because there is less carbon dioxide and alcohol form , poor resistance to cold and low alkoholtűrése which result in jamming of the fermentation, or the residual sugar . The baker's yeast in the distillate
image affect flavor in the wrong direction .

The ideal fermentation temperature of 17-20 ° C. The Williams pear flavor materials are particularly sensitive to fermentation temperature , easy to slip away . Erjesszük temperature range of 16-18 " C fragrant as fruits at the end of the fermentation or after fermentation player blessing 3-5 g / hl dose recommended for Lallzyme and terpene
terpéndiolfelszabadító use of the enzyme preparation . Let stand a mash of mixing for 3-4 weeks , significantly increase the distillate aromatic content .

Dr. Thomas Smith
2006/24 21 GARDENING & Viticulture

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