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In case of pollution still Talajbaktériumos acid and acrolein is produced in larger quantities , which is an essential párlathiba . The oppression of bacteria vadélesztők and efficient technology from a suitable factory hygiene, rapid processing of fruit , mash acidification, and inoculation with yeast .

A clean , healthy fruit (no földszennyezett , you should also wash ) magozzuk , crushed .
The mash is set to happen in acid pH between 3.0-3.2 . One key point of this technology is the fruit of wild inhibit microorganisms . Sulfur acid or a special " station wagon acids " (if it is not stored in the mash
a long time, the phosphoric acid may be used) the pH dropped to 3-3.2 after kierjedés . Acid used for etching the mix up! This will prevent the pH reduction of undesired lactic acid , butyric acid and ecetsavbaktériumok development. These bacteria cukorlebontást performed and the mash is caused by deterioration . Citric acid etching of the wort is not suitable because the lactic acid bacteria are able to break down ! Pectinolytic enzymes used and maceráz used. After thorough mixing of the acid pH
adjusted , by adding a special pectin enzymes liquified mash , the viscosity significantly reduced (there are fruits, despite the degradation of pectin which will not become liquid and such . rowan ) . Cell disruption effects of this move as well.

The different pectolytic enzymes degrade high molecular carbohydrates , pectin , cellulose, hemicellulose , i.e. pulp sejtfalanyagait and thus allow the mash easier processing . The fermentation is faster, smoother and more flavoring into the distillate , distillation in addition to decreasing the risk of sunburn in the tub . Mash pektinbontásához recommend Lallzymc C and HC peklináz enzymes. Depending on the type of fruit 1-2 g / hl mash ration break down pectin in a few hours .

To inoculate the wort with yeast fermentation of selected fruit - specific fajélesztől use . The spirits smell the aroma of selected yeast basically determine the quality of the final product was therefore of great importance . In healthy fruit inoculation dose of 20 g per 100 kg mash , over 10 % rot at least 30 per 100 kg. If the fruit is not completely healthy , the yeast used in the preparation of the Go- Fern rehydration élesztőlápanyagot 30 g / hl dose.

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