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Making mash

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Making mash
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Advice for treatment of fruit mash

Brandy is facing a new career ! With the legislation in place that can only be made hungaricum and has increased the responsibility of all , who is promoting the formulation of fruit around or interested in achieving success . The condition of good brandy production of healthy , ripe fruit , the appropriate technical equipment and the controlled fermentation . The latter predictability of microbiological processes, handling them is essential!

The fermentation quality of the distilled mash basically determining process . This is kept under control in the management of harmful yeasts , bacteria, oxidation etc , so as to avoid the bad or unpleasant organoleptic taste and flavor formation . This in itself is a major factor in quality improvement .

On top of that liberated more flavor out of the fruit cells , the sugars bound to the terms of distillation fajtaaromából inactive (enzyme would remain in the mash ) . The gyümölcscefreerjesztésre selected ( selected by natural selection , high-performance ) selected yeast that suppress unwanted vadélesztőket , bacteria, basically be released in greater quantities of fruit flavors , is produced in large quantities and quality of its spirit, pleasant fruit fermentation esters. The distillation equipment, the evaporation distillation technology and the expertise of the person performing the importance of not reducing it should be noted that only good quality pulp breathes good or high quality distillate , brandies prepared.

The fruit surface adsorbed " vadélesztők " ( weaker Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, apiculatus yeasts, virágélesztők etc ) , bacteria (acetic acid , lactic acid etc ) , soil bacteria from the event falling fruit talajszennyezésből ( butyric acid and keserűbaktériumok ) is developing rapidly under favorable conditions , and with other organisms detrimental influence on the fermentation process and the fruit mash quality . these quality harmful microflora activity , including unpleasant taste, aroma esters undesirable alcohols, much more fusel oil , a lot of glycerin , less alcohol , a greater amount of acetaldehyde and volatile acid leads to the formation

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